Mamademics: Bella Rose the Mother

In order to better introduce myself to everyone, I’ve decided to do a few short posts that represent the different categories you will see on Mamademics.

Quick Pregnancy Survey

How far along are you? I am 32 weeks pregnant, so I have 5 more weeks before I’m considered full term and 8 more weeks until my due date.

What are you having? I’m having a bouncing baby boy :) For the purposes of this blog, he will be Baby S or Sesame… until we come up with more nicknames lol.

How are you feeling? It really depends on the day, but lately I’ve gone from excited to scared to exhausted. The third trimester is a lot like the first trimester, but with a much bigger stomach.

What’s your baby like so far? Sesame is VERY active. I’m convinced that he’s practicing kickboxing, swimming, and soccer all at once. I can tell he’s growing a lot more now, because not only can I feel the difference on the inside, but he sticks out body parts and you can see him on the outside. He also responds to his dad’s voice and seems to be a fan of Jay Z and Kanye West.

What are you plans for delivery? I am having a hospital birth, but I plan to go au naturale. Yes, I’m scared to death of the pain, but I’m more afraid to be forced to remain in a bed while I wait for him to decide he’s ready to make his entrance.

Breastfeeding or formula? Breastfeeding… as long as there is nothing that prevents me from breastfeeding and my son is getting enough nutrients this is my plan.

Disposable or cloth diapers? Cloth diapers… I’m thinking we’re going with one size and we’re still deciding between Bum Genius and Fuzzibunz, so if you have any expertise in this area let me know.


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