It’s Our Anniversary: Three Lessons I’ve Learned

Today marks three years of marriage to Mr. S. I don’t usually talk a lot about marriage here for two reasons. It’s one part of my life I  decided to keep relatively private when it comes to public blogging, and because three years of marriage does not make me an expert at all. But today when I posted the collage FB so politely made for me, one of my friends asked me to share three lessons I’ve learned that I feel make my marriage successful.


So, here are three things I’ve learned in three years of marriage:

1. Choose your battles wisely and be forgiving.

Let’s be honest living with someone for the rest of your life is not going to be easy no matter how much you love that person. So, I try to be very careful about what I choose to bring up for “debate.” If it’s something that probably won’t bother me in a week or two, then I just let it go or try too. If it’s something that I know will still be an issue a year from now if we don’t address, I bring it up. Once you’ve decided not to bring the issue up just let it go, I’m still working on this one.

2. Communicate.

This is a lesson I’ve really learned over the last year and is the hardest one for me. I did not grow up freely expressing my feelings, at least not out loud. So, I tend to hold things in and try to work them out on my own. This doesn’t work in a marriage or when you’re living with your partner. You are almost always around that person, so there’s no time to “work it out on your own,” plus you need to try and work it out together.  You can’t expect your partner to be a mind reader, so speak up. This is seriously a lesson that is ongoing for me…

3. You are a TEAM.

No matter what issues you’re having in your marriage you should always be a united front in public. I’m not saying that you need to go overboard on the PDA or act like you’re the world’s greatest couple. I’m saying don’t let the wrong people know about your problems. Don’t let your child(ren) know that there is a rift. People will prey on that weakness and create even bigger wedges between the two of you.  Yes, you need to be able to vent and talk to a friend, but make sure it’s someone who has your marriage’s best interest at heart. Someone who will not hold these things against your spouse and who will remind you of the vows you took.

What lessons have you learned in your marriage?

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Honesty Hour: I’m In a Funk



I’ll keep it short… I haven’t been blogging because I’m in a funk. Not a blogging funk, but an “I’m unhappy” funk. I’m not really ready to share everything that I’m going through/feeling at the moment, so I’ve been relatively quiet instead. I am of course still sharing toddler antedotes and articles/posts about social change on the Mamademics FB page, so go over there and chat.

For the record, there are two posts in draft status that I will try to finish in the next week or so. One is the next Raising an Advocate post and the other is a post on Feminism and Parenting.

Send some happy thoughts my way, please and thank you!

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KidsLink: Milestones, Vital Records, and Memories

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link, which will lead to small monetary compensation. All thoughts/opinions expressed here are my own. 


Last month when I attended the Type-A conference, I discovered a lot of great new brands and made tons of new blogger friends some of which I mentioned in this post. One group of people that I didn’t mention in that post were the family behind KidsLink, a new app for parents that allows you to stay organized while keeping your child’s digital print safe. Although, I did mention it on the Mamademics FB fan page and twitter to see if my fans would be interested in trying it out with me.  I held off mentioning it here because I wanted to give myself a bit more time to try it out, so that I could give it a comprehensive review.

I’ve mentioned this before that I’m a bit shy and introverted, so I did not walk up to the booth and introduce myself right away, but one of the creators of the app stopped me instead. I’m sure I was rocking the deer in headlights face and he tried to rescue me from being awkwardly. We started chatting about the app and I quickly decided that I absolutely needed to have it, Chris walked me through the setup process and made sure I understood the key features before I left the table. KidsLink is a digital scrapbook that keeps track of milestones and moments for each child. You can securely store and access important documents (vaccination records, insurance cards, etc) from any device via the KidsLink Vault. Plus, you can privately communicate with designated close friends and family via the KidsLink Stream. A lot of their focus with the app is about protecting your child’s digital footprint, especially for those of us who are bloggers and try to be careful about what we share about our children.

I appreciated the digital footprint and privacy, but honestly, a part of me felt like why in the world do I need another app for keeping track of my kid and communicating with family and friends. You know what sold me? Being able to add my husband, mom, and mother-in-law, so that we all have access to important information. This means if/when Sesame gets sick and our parents have him they can easily access his latest vaccination records, insurance card, and any other important information that may not have come up in a family conversation. I will not have to worry about Mr. S possibly taking Sesame to the doctor without me thinking he may not remember something because as long as I update the vital records on a regular basis everything is right there for him.


Reminders for each child’s doctor’s visits was a close second to selling KidsLink to me. Now that well visits are spread further apart and Sesame is pretty healthy I do not always remember when I need to make an appointment. Plus, if we ever decide to give him a sibling that’s another person’s schedule to keep track of lol. Well the app sent me a reminder that it was time for a 30 month checkup. Of course it can’t make the appointment for me, so he’ll end up being almost 33 months before his check up (oops), but it gives me time to finish adding things to the vault. This weekend I need to make sure the alternative vaccination schedule we’re using is in there because for some reason we’ve had issues with the office having the correct schedule. I also need to make sure I add the last record they gave us, so that we all know which vaccinations he’s received so far. Oh and I absolutely need to remember to add that this summer he had a negative reaction to Children’s Motrin (night terrors and a rash), so that his grandparents will remember to never give it to him and so that I can tell the doctors that when they ask me about possible allergies.

So far, my only dislike is that there isn’t something to remind me to make my own doctor’s appointments lol.

Right now KidsLink is an invite-only app for iPhone users, but you can download the app from the app store (or use the quicklink and redeem using my code MAMADEMICS.

How do you protect your little one’s digital footprint? Would you use this app? If you’re already using it, what do you love (or maybe not love) about it? Let’s chat about it in the comments :)


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Creative Galaxy Inspiration: “Make a ‘Bueberry’ Pizza”

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

One of the things I really enjoy about being a mom is having an excuse to do arts and crafts without people looking at me like I’m crazy. If you follow my public instagram account, you know that I love crocheting because it’s relaxing, and because it’s also introduced me to other types of crafts like the time I tried to make buttons. My newfound love for crafting is also being passed down to Sesame. One of the first crafts I did with him was edible finger painting and I even let him finger paint cards that he sent his grandmothers for Mother’s Day.



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Mind Right Monday: Relax, Relate, Release

Happy Monday! It’s time for another Mind Right Monday link-up hosted by yours truly, Dani from Ok, Dani and Reese from Reese and Coco. Just make a post that includes 1) your GOALS for the week and 2) what you’re GRATEFUL for, and BOOM You’re Done!! Oh and link up your post at the end… (If your post doesn’t meet those two requirements, it will be deleted)
Here’s how I did last week…
  • Catch up on all grading (seriously it’s a massive pile right now)
  • Email my advisor what I’ve worked on and schedule a meeting. I’ll feel better if I’m not emailing “empty-handed.”
  • Come up with a plan for advertisement packages
  • Meditate and journal

Yea I only accomplished one of my written goals. I did also manage to finish all open custom orders for Hook Smart though.

This week’s (main) goals
  • Email my advisor what I’ve worked on and schedule a meeting. I’ll feel better if I’m not emailing “empty-handed.”
  • Come up with a plan for advertisement packages
  • Meditate and journal

I am grateful for…

  • Sleep (Sesame has been sleeping more, which means I’ve been sleeping more)
  • Clothing Sales (I snagged some nice fall pieces last week )
  • My son’s relationship with his grandparents. Even though neither set live here, he still talks to them regularly and gets excited to see them.
  • Having options

What’s on your list this week? What are you giving thanks for this week?


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