Post Maternity Shoot

About a week ago I did a post about “Preparing For Our Maternity Shoot” and the type of shoots I wanted and didn’t want. Well we finished our shoot and the pictures are back. I LOVE them! The photographer was professional and made me feel so comfortable even during the sexier shots. We’ve already decided that we will use her for our first family pictures once the baby is here and he looks like a person lol.

I debated for some time if I was going to show our images on this site, especially since I decided to use a pen name, but keeping with the theme of being genuine I decided to go ahead and share our images. The pen name is mainly to keep my academic writing separate from my online writing, and no one generally cares what you look like in academia anyway.

So, without further adieu here are a few of my favorite shots from the shoot. I hope you enjoy and if you’re in the metro Atlanta area and looking for an amazing photographer inbox me for details.

Couple notes:

I am 35.5 weeks pregnant in these pictures.

I choose the color schemes based on our alma maters. I’m a Michigan Wolverine and my husband is a Morehouse Tiger :)

A portion of our son's library

Getting started...


One of my husband's favorites


One of my sister's favorites


I love this one, because it looks like he's protecting us :)


Another personal favorite...


Just me...well kind of lol


New FB profile pic for Mamademics


Family Reading Time :)


Yes that's a Malcolm X book... we're raising a mini Huey Freeman

Did you take maternity pictures? How did you decide on poses and outfits?

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