Letter to my Unborn Son!

Some of you may have seen this post on the Celeb Mommy a few months ago, so bear with me as I try to bring my new readers up to speed on Bella Rose.

I wrote this letter during my first trimester before we had shared the pregnancy with a lot of people. I wanted to write him more letters, but I have not been able to brave the tears and emotions that this first letter took out of me. I do plan to write him more in the coming weeks and once he’s here.

I hope you all enjoy…

Dear Baby S:

On Saturday, July 16, 2011, I took 5 pregnancy tests and discovered you were on the horizon. On Thursday, August 11, 2011, I heard your heartbeat for the first time. Every since that day I have been trying to write this first letter to you. There are truly no words to express how happy your father and I are about your impending arrival. We both love you so much already and you are only the size of a grape :).

Right now…
I hope that you are safe inside my womb. I hope that you will be healthy and there will be no complications. I hope that I can be strong and have a stress free pregnancy, so that you are healthy. I hope that you let me eat fried chicken and cheeseburgers without puking… oh and french fries. Mommy loves french fries!!!

In the future…
I hope that I will be a wonderful mom, and that you are never disappointed in me. I hope that you we will never go to bed angry at one another. I hope that you will always remember that you are loved and that both of your parents will move heaven and earth for your happiness.

Right now and in the future…
I promise to always be there for you. I promise to always listen even when I don’t agree. I promise to raise you in a home full of love and peace. I promise to always be there when you fall, but to back off when you need me too. I promise to love you no matter what, you are already everything I have ever dreamed of and more than I could ever imagine.

Love Always,
Your Mommy

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Welcome to Mamademics!!!

This first post is my way of welcoming everyone to Mamademics and taking some time to introduce myself. Some of you already know me either from my guest posts on The Celeb Mommy, real life, or various social networks, but for those of you who don’t know me consider this your introduction.

Mamademics is a blog penned by Bella Rose, a wife, graduate student, and almost mommy. This introduction is two-fold: Who is Bella Rose? And why Mamademics?

Who is Bella Rose?

I chose Bella Rose as my pen name for this blog, because of my love for the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. Growing up Belle was the Disney princess I identified with the most, due to her love for books; passion for finding more in the world than her town had to offer; and her ability to find the best in someone that others saw as evil. I decided to use the Italian version of her name to “spice” it up so to speak. If you’ve watched the film, you know that the rose symbolizes a death clock for the Beast, and as the last petal dropped Belle confesses her love for him saving him. While sunflowers are my favorite flower, roses have a lot of symbolic meaning that I find relatable.  In general, roses symbolize love and beauty, but depending on where you look the different colors have their own meanings. A white rose is a symbol of the purity of love, and this blog will discuss my love for academics, my husband, and my future son. A red rose is a symbol of deep attraction and fondness, and of course I have a deep attraction to my husband. Finally, a pink rose symbolizes unending love, and my love for my family and academics are definitely unending.

Why Mamademics?

Mamademics is a merging of my two “careers”–motherhood and academia. I am an advanced PhD student studying Rhetoric and Composition. The majority of my life has been dedicated to achieving my academic and career goals, but since finding out about the impending arrival of my son there has been a need for reevaluation. I realized that my job as an academic will no longer be my only “career.”  It’s no longer my one and only focus. I am now responsible for another life and that may very well be the most important job I will ever have. This site will chronicle my life as I attempt to balance my roles as a wife, mother, and academic.

I’m starting Mamademics because I’m looking to make connections with people who are going through similar balancing acts. It is my hope that this site will eventually serve as a network to connect other women learning to balance career and family.

Overall, Mamademics is a place for mothers, wives, and/or academics to discuss our struggles and triumphs as we attempt to balance everything at once.

I hope you all subscribe and enjoy the ride!

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