Preparing For Our Maternity Shoot

Next Saturday we will be taking maternity pictures and I’m super excited.  A few of my friends took their pictures a little earlier, but we wanted to wait until I was showing more and at 34 weeks I am finally looking forreal pregnant. I’m using a photographer that one of my friends suggested, and since I wanted to take pictures in our home and outside it was a better idea to do a private photographer. It doesn’t hurt that she’s reasonably priced as well. I set up the date a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been looking for ideas.

We’ve talked about outfits and it looks like we’re going to wear jeans and nice button ups (not too matchy matchy) for our couple shots. I wish I could find a pair of denim overalls, since that’s the one thing my husband wants to see my pregnant belly photographed in, but overalls aren’t exactly in right now. Maybe we’ll hit up a second hand shop and find a pair.

Since we’re having our photos taken in our home we have a lot more say about what we want and don’t want, so I’ve spent time figuring out what I want and don’t want.

Want– Outdoors

Don’t Want–Heart Over Belly Shot


Don’t Want: Blocks Over My Belly


Want–Couple Shots

What do you guys think? Did you take maternity pictures? If so, what kind?

I’m still debating if I will post ours, but I think that may be my pictorial debut on the website.


  • veronica lee

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    • Bella Rose

      Thank you :)