Writer’s Workshop: Still Standing…


Mama’s Losin’ It


This blog is inspired by Mama’s Losin It’s current writing prompts. One of her prompts suggested listing the songs that tell your life story thus far, and I’ve modified it a bit to the songs that tell my life story at the moment.


Monica “Still Standing”

I LOVE this song, because it reminds me that no matter what crazy things I’ve gone through in life I am still standing.

Future “Same Damn Time”

I was trying to find a song that shows my multi tasking ability, and unfortunately this is the only song that I could think of probably because it’s always on the radio down here.


Beyonce “I Was Here”

I played this song so many times during my pregnancy, and it perfectly explains how I feel about having a child. He is my proof that I was here… that I lived… I loved…


Brandy “Human”

I have to remind myself daily that I am only human and I will make mistakes. There are no perfect moms… no perfect wives… at the end of the day my husband and son will love me.

Beyonce “Dangerously in Love”

If you can’t tell I’m a HUGE Beyonce fan, so her songs will always make their way onto the blog. Of course this song is all about my hubby. I love that man…




What songs describe your life at the moment?

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  • Jennifer

    I just clicked to listen to your songs since I’d never heard them before. Great picks!
    Could Beyonce be any more gorgeous?

    • Bella_Rose

       Thank you! She is so beautiful!